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Jenny's Furry Funkytown! [entries|friends|calendar]
Jenny Cartwright

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YES! IT"S ME! [08 Aug 2003|02:12am]
Okay, fuck you all. It's been a freaking long time since I updated, but I got a thing in my email that reminded me of this thing, so I decided that since I don't have time or give a crap about updating it anymore, I'm just going to go into my communities and give advice and bitch at you boring-ass people with no lives when i actually have the time in my busy scedule out and about. Just call me a motivational speaker. =D I'm tired of typing about boys that you don't even care about, so whatever. Sorry that I can't "ENTERTAIN" you anymore with my "stupid" ramblings, but it's like this, you should BE so lucky to even get me to talk to you when you say shit to me, so wahtever. You're the retarded ones that look like you have down syndrom or whatever.

oh andby the way, that new Madonna commercial with Missy Elliot is hot, even though Missy is a total pig.



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I'M BACK!!!! [10 Jul 2003|12:04am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

omg, I totally forgot about this journal. Hawai was totally awesome and I had such a great time, even when the boys were sucking ass. There were SO MANY Hot fucking guys to make up for it!!! I even met this 16 year old girl, Becky, who really really loved my pink grass skirt! I got to learn hula dancing from this really hot dude named Leo or something like that. I don't know how it's spelled, but it's Hawaian and it sounds like "Leo." It's been awhile and a lot has happened so I'm not going to update about everything cuz Angie already wrote about what happened in her journal over at sassyangie. I've told too many stories about it so it's all good! If you care so much, then go read hers. =D And it's too bad I didn't see any of you bitchy broads in Hawai because I'd like to kick your asses. I guess it's because you live on the UGLY side of Hawai with all of the poor people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA!

I'm not working at Starbucks anymore because even though it's summer, dickhead boss wanted me to be on call like nonstop. I mean, come on, who drinks coffee in the summer anyway! THey mind as well close that place during the summer, cuz ew. I guess frappuccinos and stuff are okay, but I mean, you can buy them in the store.So, I got fired kinda and now I'm working at the mall at Abercrombie. My boss is YES very hot. I love having hot bosses it really makes working seem so much easier. You know what I really suck at? I really really suck at folding clothes when they don't give us those folding boards. So, I kinda just take the clothes that don't look right, and take them to the back room and throw them in the stock boxes. What they don't know won't hurt them!!! I'm more customer service anyway, I mean, come on.

I think I'm going to take a few day trips to San Diego next week. I love that place, it's so bumpin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm bored, so I'm going to bitch at all of you in comments instead of writing more. BLAH!

(I'm sorry that all the people that read me hate me, apparently, but that's how it is! You either love me or you hate me! And if you hate me, it's because you're fat and sweaty, cuz I know how it all works, ladies. HA.)

And to those of you that love me, omg, I gotta get to Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, new plans, Vegas for the weekendddd!!!!!!!!! =D =D =D

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WE LIKE TO PARTY! [05 Jun 2003|02:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

So, bestest amigas, I'm proud of myself for being able to stay with the same guy, although the summer was supposed to be a little more fun than that. So, yeah, I went to the mall with Angie and Benji-boy after work today and we had a blast shopping for bikinis and beach stuff! I bought these cute little chairs for lounging too, they are REALLY comfortable. the three of us layed them out in the corner of the store and put on our sunglasses and i wish i had a camera it was so funny. I saw a pink hawaiian skirt at the mall in one of the party stores, and I think I'm gonna get it tomorrow when the 3 of us (maybe 4, cuz Angie's new flame Tad might come too since he's coming to Hawai with us. He's cute, he looks like David Boranis kinda, but younger like college.) Benji introduced me to his new boyfriend at dinner and they're so freaking cute together! I think his name is Pete or something but I forget. Benji is so funny he's like a hyper little jumping jack! haha! OMG I got some really hot pink/purple toned fadey sunglasses kinda like the ones that jlo had in that beachy music video. They'll look great with my white tri-cut bikini outfit!!!!!!!! I'm SOOO excited! I haven't been to Hawai ever by myself or with friends and the last time i was there it was early highschool with my mom.

oh . It bothers me that Angie uses the word cock... that's sucha gross word! oh well, she uses the word cunt too. she's just nastyfresh! but i love hrrrr like a sista!! =D I saw Bill again, and he was at the mall in the foodcourt when we were walking through. it was relaly funny because i pointed him out to angie because she hadn't seen him either for a long time since highschool. And so he came over cuz he only saw one guy with us and I guess he didn't recognise us and he was all corny trying to hit on us. I was like "Bill! Jenny... Angela... you don't know benji cuz you never met him." and he snapped out of his little trance and he was like "oh. wow, hi girls!" I laughed for a minute cuz I mean, that's just funny. So, Angie got to see Bill and we went and got dinner (not bill).

Amy started getting me into horroscopes, cuz they're totally freaky! I'm a Virgo, so mine today was really weird so I'm not going to post it or anything cuz it was just dumba nd technical. but tomorrow it said:

Because you're known for plans and methods, some consider you rigid. Actually, Virgo is a Mutable Sign, putting your emphasis more on process. You're happy to switch goals when convinced why you should.

I totally am all about changing plans, cuz I like to have fun! It's right! Of course my goal right now is to go to Hawai and get those sweet braziilian waxes tomorrow so no one can convince me not to!!!!!


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HAWAAAI!! [03 Jun 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

oh, i guess no one can actually post to other communities about me because amy told me i have to put in my password in order to join those communities, so HA! I guess that anonymous poster was making stuff up or whatever. So, I guess those girls were just thinking they were smart or something. but I WIN!

Omg, I can't wait to go get waxed with Brody and Angie on Friday! Is it weird that I totally get an orgasm when I get my bikini line waxed? Maybe I'll get one of those hot greased up lifeguard guys to wax me this time. (sorry Brody!) That's okay, he can get a hot lifeguard girl to wax him too.
Angie just called me and I think Angie and whatshisface might go with Brody and me! that would be so fun! yeah for parties in Hawaii!!!! I'm totally getting a grass skirt while i"m there!!!!!!!!!!

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i do not enjoy your company [03 Jun 2003|04:46pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

um, okay everybody, i'm mostly ignoring you all now. i mean seriouslty, since when did i go back to highschool and have to hear the losers talk about me behind my back from the other side of the cafeteria? that's what this is. I'm the popular girl at the middle table having a good time with all of my girls, and you're the retard sped-ed mutants in the back corner whining about me and yet masterbating about me under the table. so shut up, i'm not responding to your comments directly anymore because you're a waste of my time.

and whatever bitch posted me to that journal community or whatever to make fun of me should be reported to the livejournal administrators so that she can be kicked off of livejournal, as well as all of the other punks that think that community is worth their time. All I have to say is, I'm sorry I had a fun day and you didn't.

boo fucking hoo. cry me a fucking river.

Brody and I are going to Hawaii this weekend, so I probably won't be here. So, it's going to be lots of fun without you!!! BYE!

Me = having a good day. a better day than you are.

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WHATEVER! [01 Jun 2003|04:05pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i am getting totally harased on live journal. i think it's good that i've stopped cuz every girl in the world on here has more time to write in their live journal and hate me than to live their own lives. one girl called me dirty, and unless she's talking about christina aguilera, it's not funny. i'm going on vacation next week, coming back, and then going on vacation again. i'm just tired of coming home and looking at my email and finding all of these mean things beign said about me. these girls think that they somehow have the right to tell me that i'm not worth shit, but you see that's where they're wrong. i will always be better than them and they ARE jealous because I have fun being who I am and they hate being themself. i'm sorry that i'm rich, pretty, outgoing, flirty, and happy, but that doesn't mean you have to hate me because of it. grow up. ha, in a way it's good because it just lets me see how many more girls i don't have to compete with cuz they're losers with nothing better to do than critisize me. get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to a few of the girls:
* i don't care if you think i'm hot or not, you don't matter, and you can stay away from me. you see, i know i'm hot, because i get boys. hot boys. i get whatever i want sometimes. i've had guys buy me cars, so shut up.

* i am NOT dirty. i am probably much cleaner than you and I really care about my higene. i use like 12 products to keep myself looking great and i shower twice a day, get manicures/pedicures, and do everything i can to keep safe and look hot at all times.

* i am a girlie-girl, that's all there is to it. it's too bad that butch lesbians like you had to ever be invented, because men don't want you, they want me. they don't want to marry guys, they want to marry girls. so shut up.

* i will TOO get married someday. I don't care when. I can deal with being a single Sex & the City aged girl, just still having fun being single, but whatever. I've been proposed to numerous times. so shut up and stop thinking you know me.

* i'm sorry your morals don't allow you to have any fun. I have a had a good education too, so you can go suck your own ass.

* i did NOT have sex with Kevin (the 16 year old)!!! We just made out, I'm serious! God!

* and i am NOT plastic. i've never had any work done, although maybe when I start getting (GOD FORBID! LOL) old and wrinkley, I might get some botox or whatever. I like my tits, I like my face, I like everything about me right now, so you can shut up.

it's funny that hardly any of them have the balls to even say who they are.

(*thanx angie*)


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[23 May 2003|04:06pm]
um. okay, so whatever you heard. it's not true.

that's all there is to say. i'll always be better than you anyway.
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SURVEY TIME! [23 May 2003|05:05am]
I stole this from hot barbie's journal:
-- Your name: Jenny
-- Your school: none for now
-- Your heritage: American
-- The shoes you wore today: my pale blue pradas, and my pink and white and leather sandals
-- Your fears: getting seriously hurt or being poor
-- Your perfect pizza: um. cheese pizza maybe. i don't really like pizza. there was some good gourmet pizza i had in new york and that was really good.
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: get back into modeling, marry a hot celebrity, have lots more money. i don't really have that many goals tho.
-- Your thoughts first waking up: who is that?
-- Your best physical feature: eyes, ass, hair, tits, teeth
-- Your bedtime: whenever i get home and i can wind down and then i go to bed
-- Your most missed memory: what?
-- Best eye color? blue
-- Best hair color? i like all hair colors. but blondes have more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Best articles of clothing on opposite sex: i'm getting tired of the frat boy look, but guys can't wear anything too tight or flashy without looking like a girl, so I'd have to say something casual and hot. like... club gear. that's hot.
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: my mommy and my daddy. so 2.
-- Number of CDs that I own: omg, to many. i can't count that many.
-- Number of piercings: 2 in each ear.
-- Number of tattoos: none
-- Number of scars on my body: um. none. ew.
--Last song you listened to: um... Lillix. i think.
--Friends: to many to count. i've been hanging out with amy, angie and ashlee the most the past few weeks though. look all a's!!!!
--What youre excited about: boys!
--What youre scared about: getting old someday. yuck
--What did you dream about last night: LOL. omg, it was really hot. It was me... and Colin Farrell... in the shower. together. hot.
-- Been in a car accident? no! okay, so i've had a few fender-benders, but nothing bad.
--Favorite Movie: hmm. let me think about that one.
--Favorite Holiday: my birthday!
--Favorite day of the week: Friday!
--Favorite Restaurant: i like tie food a lot lately.
--Favorite Flowers: pink and red roses!
--Favorite beverage: water, mostly. coffee makes me barf now.. ugh.
--Favorite sport to watch: um... anything with hot guys in it.
--Preferred type of ice cream: i dunno how to spell it. it's like, a yellow gold container.
--How many times did you fail your driver's test? 4... shut up.
--Who is that last person you got e-mail from? omg, i forgot to check it today! so, no one!
--Favorite TV show? sex and the city. i used to really like felicity, cuz the guys on there were soo hot.
--Last person you went out to dinner with: brody
--Last movie you saw in the theater: the matrix reloaded. dave just HADDD to see it.
--Favorite alcohol: um, anything i can get my hands on! LOL,
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NIGHTIES! [23 May 2003|04:32am]
[ mood | drained ]

i think i need to update again soon. i can't sleep. my neighbors are being loud. okay, i'm really hating working now. i burned myself on the coffeemaker thing at work today. it still hurts and i'm so beat up from work. i really don't like the customers at all anymore. can't you stupid losers make up your minds!?! no, i want this. no i want that. creepy fourty year old guy tried to flirt with me today too. ew, he had the grossest mole. i think i'm gonna call in sick tomorrow and go shopping instead or something. it's been a whole week since i've been to the mall, and i feel like i'm going through withdrawal or whatever.

i'm really mad at feminists. what's with them anyway!? i mean, seriously, what do they want to happen to our culture? do they really wanna work really hard and earn their money? no, that's retarded. i wanna just get married and have my husband bring home the cash and i can go out and spend it. luckily, i'm rich anyway, so i don't have to worrk about it at all, even if i marry a hot poor guy. which i won't.

oh yeah, and feminists. they're all hairy and gross. ew, totally shave your legs, that's SO unsanitary. i commented on this girl's entry this morning who stopped shaving her legs. that's really really gross. ew, what guy is going to want to have hairy legs wrapped around him? seriously. maybe a lesbian or whatever, but no hot guys will like that, seriously.

seriously. ugh.


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DAVE! [19 May 2003|04:28am]
um, and once again, all i have to say is, after 2 nights of hot sex with Dave... I am in awe of the size of his... popsical.


He's built too, like a hot little cheeta or something. Except totally without the stripes. This has just been a really horny weekend for me, that's all. I'm done now. I think I'll keep Dave in my thoughts though, cuz I can totally see a future with him or at least part of him... ;D I swear to god he could totally be in porn, cuz that thing is like a foot long.

ANGIE has a penis too, but she doesn't want anyone to know! ROTFL. OMIGOD! I FORGOT I HAVE TO WORK TODAY! SHIT! OKAY BYE

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BRODY [17 May 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | horny ]


I had fun with Angie at the mall the other day, and I got my pale blue prada shoes and my hot little blue skirt, like I wanted! I'd show them off but I can't find a link to them right now because I'm really sweaty and tired from exercising at the gym for ten minutes. that's a freaking long time to run on a treadmill. there was this bulldyke in there workin up a sweat on the ab-thingy. heehee, and i got this other hot guy's number. His name is Dave, and he was working out without a shirt and everything and these hot silver shorts that showcased his massive package. so... i might just go have a little fun tonight without the girlies... sorry Angie and Amy, I know we were supposed to go do shots tonight, but I think I might have some body shots to do with this Davey-boy. Hmm... I'm sorry, but right now I'm really horny. I think it's the full moon, and my tits are even really sensitive.

Um, okay this is personal but I'm gonna say it anyway, cuz I'm stuck again about what to do:
Okay girls, what are the chances that I could get two guys to have sex with me at the same time? Do guys like that, cuz I just won't do it with another girl, and maybe they think that way too. I mean, I don't want a gay guy or anything, but maybe I'll propose it to Brody and see what he thinks. OH well!

I think I'm hungry for a popsical. I'll even take one of those cheap cherry ones, it's just freaking hot and I'll settle for anything right about now.

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WHATEVER! [13 May 2003|05:23pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

okay, so thanx to the advice of my piers, I told off Kevin last night and told him that I didn't want to see him again, and to stick to girls his own age. I mean, I'm not a stupid tard, and I could've figured that out myself, but still. He does have a big package, by the by. ;)

um. okay, and angie is totally making up a bunch of stuff in her journal about me that didn't happen. i know i don't remember what happened that night, but i bet she's making it all up to embaras me or whatever. ew, I did not end up topless at a party. Yes, Curt and I went to the DJ Booth, yes we made out, but then he was trying to get me to make out with some girl or whatever and I'm just like "um, no!" so I stormed out because apparently I'm not GOOD ENOUGH for him, the ass. So, I think I remember storming out and him pissing me off, but I still don't remember much else. I think I remember Angela trying to make out with me, seriously. ew. Ew, and I guess BJ (what a gross name!) has a crush on me. BJ isn't ugly or anything, but he's ew, a total nerd.

Angie starts working at Bucks with me on Thursday morning, and I guess it'll be hella awkward with Curt there too. I have to train her, even though I just started too. I'm getting really good already, at making cappucinos and stuff. I've learned that a Bucks cappucino consists of 10% cappucino and 90% foam! I guess that makes it lighter, or whatever.

Brody and Jeff called me. I think I might go out with Brody this weekend, and I think Jeff will probably be at a party sometime soon, so he can wait.

Angie and I are SO hitting Fashion Square tomorrow. I need shoes AND a new skirt. Angie, lemme know when you wanna go, I'll skip work if it's in the morning.

Amy's calling me! Byeee!


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BUMPIN! [11 May 2003|01:21am]
[ mood | awake ]

Angie has a journal @ sassyangie now! YEAH!

Hehe, I referred some people she needs to her. She'll thank me later. Omg, tomorrow's Mothers Day! Okay, so I totally have to call my mom tomorrow and ask her how she's doing? OH! THAT'S RIGHT! SHE'S IN THE KEYS!!! Okay, so I'm totally having them same-day deliver 50 long stem red roses to her!

Um, okay, so clubbin was bumpin as usual, and we all had a great time! I got THREE numbers from 3 guys whose names I can actually READ! Kyle, Jeff, and Brody. Brody's really cute, and I think he's foreign. Kyle and Jeff are kinda... hot, but in a standard frat boyish sort of way. AND OMG! KEVIN CALLED ME AGAIN today and I'm like "ew, um, stop calling me! you are so little!" and he said that he just wanted to go on one more date with me because he could show me a real good time. Ew. Um, I mean, if the boy is talking about his giant package, and actually thinks he's going to sleep with me, doesn't that mean that he probably does have at least a somewhat giant package? Dammit, I dunno. Ew, he's 16. Gross, Jenny, Gross! You are going to go to jail, just like Angie said! And there are lots of mean lesbians in jail who will probably try to rape me in the shower or whatever, like on OZ. There are actually a lot of really cute guys on OZ. It's too bad they all have to rape each other.

Sex in the City! WOO! okay, it's time for relaxation.

ooh, I almost forgot, I bought this today!Collapse )

NIGHT NIGHT AND PINK KISSES, it's early shuteyes tonight!

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OMG!!! [10 May 2003|12:43am]
[ mood | devious ]

time for updateys!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! !

okay, so yeah, this week has been crazie fo-fazie! I've been working SO much that I haven't been able to update so often. They made me train AND work this week and it's been crazy!

wow, it's been a week since I last talked. I don't feel like typing it all now but maybe if I get excited again, I'll end up posting lots!

Okay, well the short versoin of the story is:

- Kevin picks me up last firday and I get to his car and I look in and this little kid is in the front seat, the drivers seat. And I'm like "um, okay, sorry you're a little kidd, i guess i have the wrong car." and he's like "fuck, you're jenny?" and I'm like "ew, you're kevin!" and so i'm standing there talking to him trying to figure it out, and I'm like "okay, wait, you're not the guy i called" and he's like "yeah, i am, we're going out tonight, right? damn you're hot" so I'm like "well, you're like how old?" and he's like "I'm ...18" and I looked at him like yeah right and he's like "okay, fine, I'm 16" and I'm like "Well, durhead, I'm 21!" and so eventually we argued and i figured out that i dialed the wrong number, and i guess the guy's (that wrote the note) original name was really Mark, and not Kevin. He was like "oh, well, do you still wanna go out?" and so I'm like "ew, you're a kid" and he's like "yeah, but I'm hung like a horse" and I'm like "ew, that is so weird." and he's like "come on, come with me, please, let's go on one date, please?" and so I was like "I have a party to go to, thanks." and he's like "come on, just go with me and we'll get something to drink and then i'll drop you off at the party if you dont' want to chill anymore" and so I'm like "okay, FINE." and I got in the car and we went and got Frosties at Wendy's and we chilled for awhile. The kid actually has a lot of style for a straight 16 year old.

Then, I was like "okay, um, take me to the party" and I gave him directions. And... along the way... we ran out of gas. Yeah! I am SO UNLUCKY! So, here we are on this road and I'm sitting there freaking out because we're stranded and stuff. And he leans over and KISSES ME! Okay, admittedly, it freaked me out because he's a littler person than I am, but he IS cute, so I made out with him for awhile and we ended up in the back seat. ... shut up.

So, during this whole thing, I'm thinking "omg! where am I supposed to go now!?!?" and so I pull out my cell phone and I call Angela, because she's actually only about 5 minutes away. So, I called her and she took her fingers out of her mouth and came to pick me up. and get THIS, Kevin's like "Wait, don't you want to come to my place?" and I'm like "EW! You mean your parents place? no!" and then we sat there in the front seat not talking for awhile until Angie pulled up in her Volkswagen New Beetle! I swear she got that thing because I had one a few years ago, because she wants to be me. But yeah, so I said "seeya!" to Kevin-boy and he's like "call me!" and i"m like "WHATEVER!" and so Angie and I went back to my place and I got my car and we followed each otehr to the frat party. When I got there, Curt was all over me, and Angie looked like she was having fun with this guy named Josh. He seems pretty cool, and hot.

So, we had fun at the party. I was so shitfaced that I don't exactly remember what else happened that night, but Angie drove me home because I was too drunk.

So, then on Saturday night, Angie and Amy and Curt and Ashlee and Josh and Ryan and I went out to eat, and then went to a party at Josh's. Good times, and Josh and Angie disappeared for awhile, so I bet they banged the nails out of the walls with jawbreaking sex! LOL. either that or Angie made out with Ashlee and Josh watched, cuz sometimes I think Angie's a big lesbo, being that she was so in love with me in highschool. whatever! i guess she can't be if she can kiss Josh and not wince.

Curt was being a tard though and I think I'm going to stop trying to hang with him after this weekend. And Sunday was fun because I went SHOPPING and Amy and I had a primping party!

Starbucks has been CRAZY! I can't stand the bitchy lesbians that come in and order things with 50 names. I'm still learning the menu, and I don't really know how to work the foam thingy, and on Tuesday, I had foam running down my bra and Curt was trying to lick it off, the gross-head. ew, Curt's name looks like a certain other CU word. that's gross. I don't think I can kiss him again, knowing that now.

So, Angie's going to start working at Starbucks soon too!!!! Next week!!!!!!! =D =D =D I can't wait!!!!! It'll be like a fucking party every night and day! I think someday we should order male strippers to dance on the Buckss tables. That'd be HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLA fun!!!!!!

Oh, and guess what! Angie's going to get a live journal too! I got a code or whatever and now she's going to join! Angie writes a lot more than I do, because she's a big nerd, but I'm sure I'll keep up! Okay, it's time for CLUBBBBBBBBBIIIIINNNNNNNNN WIT MY GIRLY GIRRRRRRRLS!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !


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`BUCKS! [05 May 2003|04:31pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Expect a really hot ass long entry tonight!!! I have SO much to write about! 3 parties (okay, well, the one wasn't exactly a party) in 3 days! I might have to split it up into a few entires, cuz it's so much!

And today I'm starting `Bucks in a little under a few hours, just for tonight though so they can train me, and then I'll be working mornings later on!

Ew, Kevin is calling me!


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AAAAH! WEIRDIES! [03 May 2003|06:50pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

omg, you have no idea what happened last night! i can't talk I'm on my way back out but omg, it was so hella weird! kevin was NOT mark, and I'll get into that later when I have time to sit and not laugh my fucking ASS off.

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ew [02 May 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Kevin called this morning and he was like "hey, let's meet up" and so I'm like "um, I'm totally already going to see you," and he's like "what? when?" and I'm like "tonight" and he's like "oh, nice." and so he's like "so, do you need a ride, I can pick you up" and I was like "um, sure" and I told him to meet me a block from my house, because I don't want him to know where I actually live yet. And so he's like "we're gonna have fun!" and I'm like "yeah we are! curt's gonna be so jealous?" and he's like "who's curt?" and so I'm like "oh nevermind."

I stopped at `Bucks to pick up another app for Angie at lunchtime and there was this really creepy girl there with no sense of fashion at all and she was like "who do you think you are?" and I was like "well, I'm definitely not you!" This is the kind of thing that makes me want to get back into modeling now, because some girls really don't know what they're talking about. The girl called me Barbie as I went out and I was really kinda flattered, but I called her a pig anyway. =D It's like, so if you hate me so much, why do you keep staring at me? It's like, I know you really secretly want me, or want to be me or something! People like that creep me out.

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[01 May 2003|11:54pm]
[ mood | ew ]

oh, and ew, Neiman Marcus has had some really ugly-ass skirts. They're really ugly. The Nanette Lepore stuff is okay, but ew... the Milly and DKNY stuff (especially the stuff they try to MATCH with it) ... is hidious. uck... this just goes to show that not all designers know what looks good. I should so become a fashion designer, because I KNOW. omg, but those silk Joie pants are SO cute.

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[01 May 2003|11:39pm]
[ mood | awake ]

all I have to say is that Curt has an average size penis. i'm cool with that, really. he's built like a fucking stalion tho which makes up for it. a young stalion that swam in highschool. but a hot one no less. I was going to stay over at Curt's tonight but I decided to stay home instead and watch E!. I'm still really trying to avoid a serious relationship with Curt but oh well he's nice and I think if I still like him while I'm working with him then I might consider dating him continually.

Some creepy dirty guy was checking out my ass at the gas station today. I was about to throw a shoe at him, but I really like my shoes. I actually yelled at him like "hey! dirty! will you please get your eyes off my ass!" and he turned all red and looked away. I think I'm going to stop pumping my own gas. it's really too much work and sometimes my hands smell all gross and I shouldn't have to subject myself to every dirty gasstation guy's eyeballs in my cute little outfits. [sigh] well, i guess i'll call amy and bitch for a little bit and then go to bed.

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THERE SHE IS AGAIN! [01 May 2003|03:13pm]
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OMG, GUESS WHOS CAR I SAW TODAY!!!!!! ANGELAs! I couldn't find her though because she was probably in the bathroom of Target, throwing up her Dennys grand slam breakfast.

Kelly (my big sis) called me today and said that my mom was buying a new vacation house in the Keys. She sent me a pic it looks really cute! Then Kelly was like "so how are you making out in your career?" and so I hung up on her because that's such a bitchy thing to say. I'm totally getting back into modeling next year, I swear, daddy only wanted me to get a bizness degree so I had a backup plan. I'm fucking hot, why do I need a backup plan?

Now that I'm thinking about Angie again, I think I'm going to pick up an app for Starbucks for her for this weekend if I see her. Work would so kick ass. I'm just really going to hate when customers are bitchy and there's no one else to bitch to or its a slow day and no one even comes in and then i have to stand there and entertain Curt or whatever. They better let me control the radio station too, none of this easy-listening shit that puts people to sleep. We need excitement! Like Christina Aguilera! That new Fighter song is SO awesome.

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